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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A teapot and a teacup on the shelf

I painted this baby when I was so enthusiastic about painting teapots and teacups that i insisted my teacher to teach me.... I have not finished my lesson yet but I was too eager to paint them. Keeping in mind about the things I've learned, I prepared this wood to paint this lovely teapot and teacup. I struggled a little to paint in the roses on the teacup. But quite happy with the end result. I'm yet to varnish the piece. Need to show my teacher to upgrade the skill especially the shading and highlights.


  1. br dpt tgk gmbr nye :P. nice lh. kt atas frame tu ade lace kn. u painting nie kt class ker.

  2. tak ni buat kt kayu lain la...
    yang kelas nye x siap lg :p
    kalu ikut design k.nora bg mmg ada lace tp i tak paint lg...