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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Decoupage Napkin Sale!!!

I want to let go these decoupage napkins/serviettes. Please contact me if you are interested to purchase them. The price is RM10 per packet (There are 5 pieces in each packet). 1 piece is RM2.00. Postage cost is not included.

More Painting of Roses

These are my personal collections... yet to add wordings and varnish... but if anyone interested to purchase can contact me...

Shabby Roses and 3D Decoupage

I painted and did a 3D decoupage on these plaques for a customer (kak Umie) sometime ago... baru sempat nak upload gambar...

                                                   3D DECOUPAGE

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Decoupage Napkin Sale Coming Soon

Hi folks,
I want to let go some of my decoupage napkins/servittes collection.
I'll put the pictures for your viewing soon.
Please contact me if you are interested to purchase them. The price is RM10 per packet (There are 5 pieces in each packet). Postage cost is not included.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dedication to Ece Aymer

I opened my blog as usual and got very excited when I saw Ece Aymer's (the great 3D decoupage expert) comment.
I have to agree that Internet is the best creation ever! It's amazing how two people from different parts of the world can communicate and share knowledge on interesting subjects.
After several exchange of emails, I asked Ece if she can teach me how to 3D decoupage. And she is such a sweet lady that she was willing to share her knowledge with me by posting the tutorial in her blog. I excitedly waited for her post.
And more exciting... is the part where she wrote the heading as "Hi Zahirah...This post is for you...." Reading that heading made my day. It is a great honour.
Thank you very much, Ece, for your generousity in sharing the knowledge of 3D decoupaging . You are a sweet person. May god shower his abundance blessing on you and your family.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Time Out!

Hello friends,

First of all, I have to apologize to everyone for not updating my blog as frequest it used to be. After long days of work sometimes it's just hard to brainstorm thoughts and put it in written words. Furthermore, my little girl is growing fast. Everyday it is something new with her. Today she suprised us by singing the song 'Ibu' in her baby talk version with hand movements and facial expression and forced me to join her. She was hilarious.

As the story for my paintings, long story cut short, I'm trying to find the time to finish the pieces. I have so many unfinished UFOs. Some are finished but not varnished and some are just basecoated but not painted. Sometimes, I yearn so much to paint but my mind and body is just too tired.

Decorative painting should be done in a very relaxed environment. That way, you can concentrate on the details like the highlights, shading and line works. If I were to start a piece, I must have ample of time to do it. When you rush, the results will be dissappointing.

I hope I can get back to painting soon. I have put so many ideas in my painting journal but when will I be able to execute it? That's a question I should ponder....

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Roses Plaque

I painted this plaque with roses for my hubby's colleague as a retirement gift. Hope she likes it.