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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A teapot and a teacup on the shelf

I painted this baby when I was so enthusiastic about painting teapots and teacups that i insisted my teacher to teach me.... I have not finished my lesson yet but I was too eager to paint them. Keeping in mind about the things I've learned, I prepared this wood to paint this lovely teapot and teacup. I struggled a little to paint in the roses on the teacup. But quite happy with the end result. I'm yet to varnish the piece. Need to show my teacher to upgrade the skill especially the shading and highlights.

Roses Sign Board

I painted this sign board last night. After a hectic work schedule, I decided to ease my stress and tiredness with painting. It is the best medicine.... that I've found to work.
As I mentioned in my previous post, I love painting roses. They are beautiful, charming and vibrant flowers.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Teapot Tissue Holder

Love this tissue holder... It sets nicely in my dining room making the room feel comfortable and cozy.... ;)

Never ending workload...

Since the year has begun, I don't have much time to do painting. The load of work is piling up day by day. When I come back home, my body feels tired but one think for sure I can say is that... my mind constantly thinks of painting... it's either imagining the ideas for next coming pieces or adding details to my so called unfinished pieces...

I'm painting one now but it's taking a longer time than I thought because of the never ending workload that needs undivided attention....... :(

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year Resolution hehehe....

After few weeks of laziness, finally I tuned my mind into practicing my painting. As I was pondering on the whats, hows and whys.... I realised that I lack in knowledge on painting. I was too focused on decorative painting, it did not cross my mind that decorative painting is not only about putting in the strokes, deciding on the colours and wood plaques but it's a whole lot of other elements and perspective that need to be considered.

Whenever I start a painting, I'll have a major problem on deciding, planning and placing a design. No wonder whenever I try to design a piece, it turns out to be an unsatisfying disastrous work! Once I finish a piece, I don't feel any satisfaction on the painting that I've done. I referred this problem to my very experienced teacher, Pn. Norana, and she said that I need to read more books on paintings regardless of any subject matter. Suddenly, I had this obssession to learn generally anything about painting - oil, acrylic and watercolor.

Since the new year has just began, I had set the resolution like anyone else to master the concepts, elements and perspective in painting. Hope to achieve the resolution.... I need to chase Mr. Lazy out of my mind, body and soul...hahaha.... As an initiation, I started with online articles... and to my suprise there are so many artist who are willing to share their knowledge, thoughts and experince with the world. I would like to thank them for their generousity and willingness to help other painters to enjoy painting and achieve success. I've also decided to purchase books to enhance the aspects that I need to develop my painting skill.

That's all for now.... I will pen down more about my painting quest in the later updates... until then Adios!!!