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Monday, June 15, 2009

Never Ending Inspirations

Since I'm taking a long break from any painting or decoupage projects... I keep wondering what other crafters are up to in their free time... to my suprise I have to say kudos to everyone for constantly creating new stuffs and being such an inspiration to others.
Nowadays, since the pregnancy have started, I only have energy to browse the net or else I'll totally be a couch potato... no energy to paint or even cut things for decoupage.

But I trully have to say that I really miss making new items... all the ideas are piling up in my head though but I make to write down in my craft journal all my ideas before I forget them the next time I want to do a project. What I miss the most is attending my painting class... that means I miss my teacher Pn. Norana Ghazali...yup... and all my friends in the class...zakia, kak zaharah, kak zakiah....huhuhu and others if terpula mention jangan marah ye.......
kak zie...if u are in Malaysia this time, tak sempatlah kita jumpa... hope you'll enjoy your stay here....

I need to make space in my house before the baby arrives... so my hubby put away all my project stuffs in the boxes and in the store room with a warning not allowed to touch the things...ouch!! (have to kesian him... kemas rumah sorang...hehe...).
Hopefully, next year will be a project year for me.... with the baby in hand, I'm not sure about that...

Keep in touch by dropping in my chat box... until my next gugu gagas....

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